Allentown Young Professionals: Pillars of the Community

Humanitarian Social Innovations is proud to welcome a new organization, Allentown Young Professionals, to our program community.
Allentown Young Professionals LogoThe Pillars of Allentown’s Revitalization

The Allentown Young Professionals (AYP) is an inclusive egalitarian organization which focuses on the advancement and revitalization of the city of Allentown and its residents. They achieve this goal by focusing their efforts on six key areas:  investment, education, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, political involvement and residency. These six pillars are the foundation upon which they will build a brighter tomorrow for the city.

Why Allentown Needs A New Organization for Young Professionals

Allentown Young Professionals member with a child in a library

Allentown is a diverse city rich in culture and community pride. Over the years, residents enjoyed the successes of prosperity and withstood the challenges of economic turmoil. Today, there is much work to be done. Schools are underfunded, the economy is badly weakened and a small number of local political leaders have imperiled the entire community’s future and reputation.

The challenges are real and they are serious yet the Allentown Young Professionals remain hopeful, steadfast, and ambitious. They feel Allentown is a young city whose time has come to reaffirm its greatness. We should not underestimate the power of this growing group of young people who stand ready to face the challenges of tomorrow, guided by their principles and belief that their impact will be greater joined together than acting alone.

Allentown Young Professionals-The Vision

One day, in the not too distant future, this group envisions handing to the next generation a city that is in better economic and social condition than it is today. There is much to be done. However, led by The Allentown Young Professionals, the city’s young people will take responsibility and recognize their duties to themselves, their families and their community. Allentown is strong. This generation’s journey is just beginning and their future is bright.

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