Dr. Spino Kids Empowers Children Through Mentoring and Community Events

Dr. Pascal D. Spino, MD was a resident and pediatrician in Greensburg for over 60 years. He treated thousands of children and was known for offering free healthcare to those who could not afford to pay. He would also often travel to reach those who couldn’t come to him. He was loved by his community and received the Citizen Service Above Self Award for his work.

His son, G. Domenic Spino, was deeply inspired by his father’s work and wanted to continue his legacy by helping the children in the community through programs and mentorship. This is accomplished through building the “child’s self-awareness, self-esteem, resiliency, balance, confidence, motivation, and engagement in a community.”

“Dr. Spino Kids (DSK) believes that the emotionally intelligent, emotionally balanced, and emotionally mature whole child is the most valuable individual to the self and community,” says Spino. “We seek to raise healthy whole children with Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) techniques, lessons, opportunities, and strategies. DSK provides tools for the mind, body, and emotions to work together to solve the many problems every child will face.”

While the program works with all kids and communities, it centers mostly on children who have been exposed to or deal with trauma in their homes or environments. The goal is to help them become strong, well-rounded individuals so they can come back to their neighborhoods and build up a stronger culture from the inside.

“…we do have to admit how seemingly new it is to feel that children need to learn how to make their way with effective tools – because trying to make it easier, explain it away, or accidentally introducing punishment and escape avoidance (or more trauma and attachment problems) is also hurting,” says Spino. “Kids do not do this alone, they have mentors. We realize some already have no one. We are mastering tools for self-awareness, and then youth widen their base with positive allies.”

The biggest event that Dr. Spino Kids puts on annually is the countywide Dr. Spino Kids Day, which is taking place in 2023 on April 29 at Hempfield Park in Greensburg. The event will feature a 5K, a youth rabbit race, mindful walks, mindful art, mindful play, mindful eating, mindful exploration, and talk, song, and story. There will also be the creation of a new Dr. Spino Kids Safe Space Garden at the park.

“Inquiry and investigation is at the center of Dr. Spino Kids mindfulness. It will be a great day to explore and learn…this day will be that and a great way to welcome Spring and all the wonder and answers we found at Dr. Spino’s office!”