New Program: Bethlehem Women of Excellence

We are proud to introduce a new member of our community of social impact, Bethlehem Women of Excellence. Bethlehem Women of Excellence empowers women and families of Bethlehem, PA who are less fortunate to overcome their economic situation and reach their potential.

The Start of Empowering Women
Bethlehem Women of Excellence Founder Enid Jackson

Dr. Enid Jackson

Dr. Enid Jackson is the founder of BWOE. Enid first had the inspiration for this program when she was 14. Several years later she moved to Bethlehem in 2001. Due to a strong sense of caring for the poor, she started the Children’s Christmas Celebration at Broughal Elementary School. During this event, Bethlehem Women of Excellence volunteers, with the help of the Bethlehem Police and Fire Departments, serve a donated meal to needy families and give donated gifts to the children.  That program has grown from initially serving 60 children in the first year to serving nearly 800 children and their families in 2016. They have given out thousands of gifts and meals to needy families.

Events for Women and Families

Their other events consist of the following: Leadership Forum, where community leaders meet for a workshop every other month; Gospel Music in the Park, a free program with music and dancing in the Rose Garden; Thanksgiving Turkey Baskets for Families in Need, where BWOE volunteers collect donations of Thanksgiving-themed food and assemble it into boxes making easily-distributed meals to needy families. BWOE also holds leadership training, seminars and conferences to educate and empower women.

Bethlehem Women of Excellence Fire Police Department Children

Bethlehem Fire and Police Department helping children.


BWOE continues to battle against poverty by providing basic necessities and rebuilding women with the vision of becoming an asset to themselves as well as to their community. HSI will help BWOE by providing them access to grants and tax-exempt funds so they can maximize their impact and grow to help even more people.

You can learn more about BWOE by clicking here.

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