Entrepreneurs’ Connection: Come Grow With Us!

Humanitarian Social Innovations is proud to welcome a new organization, Entrepreneurs’ Connection, to our program community.
The logo for Entrepreneurs' Connection.Helping the Community and Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs’ Connection (EC) is a program founded in 2006 based in Reading, PA. This organization seeks to foster genuine friendships that can help members solve business challenges and serve the community. EC contributes to the growth and prosperity of its members and the communities where they live and work.

EC’s impact in the Reading area is obvious. The organization planted and continues to maintain cement planters and a sidewalk garden at the Reading Public Library. Likewise, it completed and maintains Reading Rising Park, a beautiful garden retreat at the corner of 2nd and Franklin Streets, across from Reading Area Community College. You can even join them at the park on Thursday, September 27, for a community event, described in this flyer and also at this link, where you can find more information and register if you would like to attend.

Entrepreneurs’ Connection also spearheaded the Revitalize Reading community development initiative with the creation of a website built to help organizations, community leaders, entrepreneurs, residents, and volunteers in the greater Reading region collaborate easily and more effectively on an open and digital platform.

Currently, EC is developing its Kauffman Foundation FastTrac® training, a 10-week course for entrepreneurs that helps them start a business and continue on a journey to success.

The Founder and Future
Entrepreneurs' Connection founder president chuck holder

EC Founder and President, Chuck Holder.

Chuck Holder is the President of EC and has decades of experience as an entrepreneur and businessman. He received a degree in Accounting, Business Management in 1976 at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. Chuck later worked as a Small Business & Group Benefit Specialist at Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., where he provided legal and business resource information to help people make qualified business decisions. He later served as a Regional Director for Premier Solutions International and worked in email and social media marketing for Constant Contact.

Future projects include commissioning a sculpture which will be completed as a community service and education initiative. EC will continue to work with the Kauffman Foundation.

HSI is proud to work with EC to serve the community. With your help, we can serve them even more. If you would like to join Entrepreneurs’ Connection, click here to become a member.

You can also donate to their community initiatives by clicking below.

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