Meet the Interns #Internductions

Humanitarian Social Innovations is pleased to host three excellent interns this summer. All are determined to make the most of their summer by gaining knowledge to help them in the working world and by making an impact in the world through their work here.

One of our new Interns this summer Jonathan Fiore

Jonathan Fiore- PR/Professional Writing Intern

Jonathan Fiore attends Moravian College where he is majoring in English and minoring in History. On campus, he is a reporter for the school’s student-run newspaper and an editor for the student publication, The Manuscript. He plans to use those skills this summer as our PR/Professional Writing Intern, writing content for our social media pages and our blog.

HSI:  “Why are you an HSI Intern?”

Jonathan:  “The reason that I am an HSI intern is not only for the experience that I am grateful to get, but also HSI’s purpose was what really drew me in. HSI wants to make it possible for non-profits and humanitarian groups to get a leg up in the world and provide them with support for their mission. I  too want to help these organizations achieve their dreams. My position here will help their message spread across the web for all to see.”

Jonathan is an avid reader, both print and online, who one day wants to publish his own stories and content for the world to see.

His life motto is that not everything is black and white; the gray area exists.  Don’t be afraid to steer off the path of normalcy and into the unknown.

One of our new interns this summer Kristen Rader

Kristin Rader- Marketing Management Intern

Kristin Rader attends Moravian College where she is double majoring in Marketing Management and Graphic & Interactive Design. Kristin is interning with HSI as a Marketing Management intern. She plans to use her experiences here as a guiding force in her management classes and in her future career. On campus, Kristin is hard at work in her PR position with the Moravian College Dance Company. She also works at at Studio South, an on-campus student-run graphic design firm at Moravian College, where she is not only a student designer, but also the Social Media Chairperson. Kristin’s graphic design work can be found on her local church website and in many places within the church environment

HSI:  “Why are you an HSI Intern?”

Kristin:  “I think their mission is very important and inspiring and I am looking forward to being a part of it. It is amazing to know that they work with so many organizations and charities in order to expand their overall outreach inside and outside of the community to help those in need.”

Kristin is an avid animal lover and enjoys the beauty of nature. She has been drawing and painting since she was a small child, which led her to pursue graphic design.  She also has a love for outdoor activities like fishing, paddle boarding, and jet skiing.

One of our new Interns this summer Rose Roberts

Rose Roberts- PR/Marketing Intern

Rose Roberts attends Moravian College where she is majoring in Political Science and minoring in both Management and Mass Media. Rose is very active on campus where  she volunteered with the Miller-Keystone Blood Center and also with the Special Olympics, Girls on the Run, and the S. June Smith Center through her sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha. Rose also helped establish an event called “Greeks for Greyhounds” in which members of Greek Life helped make almost 5,000 dog toys for Peaceable Kingdom and other animal shelters in the Lehigh Valley.

HSI:  “Why are you an HSI Intern?”

Rose:  “Leadership in service is the driving force behind what connects me to my college and my community. I love that HSI focuses on the empowerment and promotion of a variety of nonprofits. Anyone with a will to improve their community can now have the resources to make those dreams a reality. To gain experience in promoting these amazing non-profits is not only relevant experience to what I want to do in my career, but I am humbled and grateful to better understand the work being done locally, nationally, and globally to create a better world.”

Rose feels extremely grateful and honored to be able to work with Humanitarian Social Innovations in their mission to empower and promote a variety of nonprofits. She wants to give back to the community that helped shaped her into the person that she is today. She believes that HSI will allow her to do just that.

We look forward to providing a wonderful experience for our interns. We can’t wait to see what they create for Humanitarian Social Innovations.

To our Interns,

Welcome to HSI!

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