New Program: Great Girls Scholarship

Potential GTDF Scholarship winner sewing at fashion camp

GTDF hosts fashion camps where girls can learn design skills

Humanitarian Social Innovations is proud to introduce a new sponsored project; the Great Girls Scholarship. The scholarship is designed by The Great Taste Design Foundation “to help remove barriers and stumbling blocks for women and girls on their road to success and strengthening our communities.”

The Great Taste Design Foundation (GTDF) is part of the Great Taste Design Company, the brainchild of the multi-talented Mrs. De’Yanna Yancey-Harris. As an independent designer in the field, Mrs. Yancey-Harris felt the fashion industry was brimming with negative messages directed at young women. In 2007 she founded Great Taste Design Company to counteract that negativity through programs that teach young women important life skills such as leadership and self-advocacy.

The Great Taste Design Foundation awards the Great Girl Scholarship to talented girls between 7th and 12th grade in the state of Delaware. In order to win the award, the nominee must show outstanding performance in one of six areas: the arts, athletics, philanthropy, academics, leadership, or entrepreneurship. The award money can be used either for higher education and training or to further the girl’s entrepreneurial goals. Through this scholarship, Mrs. Yancey-Harris hopes to help young ladies “grow closer to their goals as well as be celebrated for their achievements.”

We can’t wait to see how the Great Girls help improve their communities, and are thrilled to be a piece of the puzzle.

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You can learn more about the Great Girl Scholarship by visiting the Great Taste Design Foundation’s profile page.

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