New Program: MELTDOWN, Based on True Events

“The fact is that one person can make a difference, and together we are much more impactful and powerful.”

Jill Murphy Long, Screenwriter of MELTDOWN, Based on True Events


We are proud to introduce MELTDOWN, Based on True Events, a new organization that has joined Humanitarian Social Innovations this week.

Photos: Candy Delaney, Passionate Perspective Photography

MELTDOWN, Based on True Events, is a non-profit organization with a mission to bring awareness to the long-term effects of radiation and the necessity to go green now. They plan to produce a full-length motion picture based on the true events of screenwriter Jill Murphy Long’s life during the fateful days in March 1979 and three decades later when she returns home to Pennsylvania.


An author returns home to find neighbors and classmates sick and as she links the cancers to the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, she is blindsided by a brain tumor.

This drama will also recap the first five days of the 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident and what happened to the locals, their farmland, and the Susquehanna River after the meltdown.

“This narrative, feature film will tell their stories because many did not get a second chance at living. This movie will be their voice.” Long wrote in her screenwriter statement . Take a moment to hear the TMI Survivors’ stories in these video testimonials.

Born in  Pennsylvania, Jill Murphy Long lived in East York at the time of the 1979 TMI meltdown. Like many of the  people in Central Pennsylvania, the accident negatively affected her, but fortunately she recovered; however, that wasn’t the case for many neighbors and classmates. The Cancer Cluster Map shows the far-reaching effects, noting the neurological diseases and cancers in Central Pennsylvania that are now presenting decades later. 

Since April 2016, so many have been collaborating to produce the film in order to bring the consequences of the Three Mile Island accident to light. The Executive Film Members on both the East and West Coasts have been working tireless to secure circa 1970 props and cars plus locations and extras in both Pennsylvania and Colorado.

The medical community has published a molecular medical study linking thyroid cancer to TMI. Local residents continue to submit their diagnosis, so the medical community can test for tumors, other cancers, and neurological diseases for evidence.

A-list actors have been contacted to participate in the film and volunteers have donated their creative talents and time to create the videos, website, “green” and organic merchandise, and social media accounts. All believe in this story and want to bring this issue to light.  This is not only for those who have suffered, but for the health and well-being of coming generations.

Please check the film’s website to learn more about this production at Or you can check out the trailer and other videos here.

Please consider donating to the production of MELTDOWN, Based on True Events so they can show the world the true human impact of the MELTDOWN at Three Mile Island.

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