Paradise Jewelry Collection Addresses Humanitarian Crises With Impactful Jewelry

For some jewelry brands, inspiration for a collection might come from art, nature, fashion or fantasy; for Paradise Jewelry Collection founder Brooke Mitman Rivera, the inspiration is social impact. Founded in 2022, Rivera’s jewelry company aims to “restore paradise on Earth” by raising awareness and financial support for various humanitarian and environmental issues. Each piece from Paradise Jewelry Collection is the result of a collaboration between Rivera and a different nonprofit organization, with a portion of the proceeds from each sale going back to the nonprofit. While the designs vary—with Rivera planning to work with different jewelry designers to create the pieces—every item will be sustainable and thoughtfully produced.

Paradise Jewelry Collection’s first piece is the Bloom Awareness Charm, designed for the Lehigh Valley, PA-based anti-trafficking organization Bloom for Women, which supports female survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. The charm, designed by LA-based designer Carmen Calderon, features a stylized Bloom for Women logo crafted in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver, with the words, “Bloom. Help. Hope. Heal.” engraved on the back. 

According to Rivera, the Bloom Awareness Charm is the first of what will be many impactful designs under the Paradise Jewelry Collection. Her vision is broad, spanning diverse areas including homelessness, addiction recovery, hunger, youth development, veteran services, nature conservation and more. 


The Bloom Awareness Charm, Paradise Jewelry Collection’s first piece, benefiting the anti-trafficking organization Bloom for Women.