Restore Ukraine Provides Life-Saving Support for Displaced Ukrainians

Since Russia began launching attacks in February 2022, Ukraine and its citizens have suffered devastating destruction, violence, and loss of life. According to a statement by the mayor of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, Russia has destroyed more than 3,500 residential buildings, including more than 500 apartment complexes. As of August 28, 2022, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) reported at least 8,055 injuries, and at least 5,663 civilian deaths—365 of those children—during the Russian invasion.¹ Nearly 8 million people are still displaced within Ukraine, with millions more seeking refuge outside the country.² 

In response to these atrocities, Kharkiv-based supply chain company Atlant, which is one of Ukraine’s largest wholesale distributors of building materials, transformed its operations in order to provide aid for Ukrainians displaced by Russia’s attacks. The company’s headquarters and warehouses were converted into shelters and food banks, and its corporate restaurant became a kitchen facility. Ultimately, these relief efforts formed a legally-recognized organization, Restore Ukraine, with the goal of reviving the country and securing a safe and healthy future for its citizens. The more than 20 team members who are currently part of the nonprofit work to provide support across multiple areas of need, from medical assistance to humanitarian aid to construction and housing projects.

“Within the first month of the war, Restore Ukraine sustained humanitarian operations to feed 4,000 to 6,000 people each day while the economy became paralyzed within the first week of the war. Our teams of volunteers targeted extremely vulnerable communities and food desert areas such as underground metro stations, orphanages, and nursing homes,” said co-founder and Executive Director Yaroslav Hnatusko. “As of today, Restore Ukraine prepared and distributed more than 250 tons of food across Kharkiv while developing winterization projects for family households. Restore Ukraine is already forming partnerships with the global organization in order to offer permanent living accommodations for small and large families by reconstructing damaged households that came under direct fire from bombshells.”

Restore Ukraine’s efforts are making an enormous difference to those who are impacted by the attacks on Ukraine, but achieving daily safety and security for millions of Ukrainians who are still struggling to survive remains a formidable challenge. According to Hnatusko, it currently costs about $2,000 a day to provide 500 people with food, and at least $2,000 to rebuild one house for a family with multiple children. Though 95% of the nonprofit’s revenue goes directly to crisis relief programs, more help is still needed.

“With a substantial increase in funding from global donors, Restore Ukraine can—and will—deliver Kharkiv nationals from poverty and hunger. Restore Ukraine will mediate the process of Ukrainian people coming back home where there is food—where Ukrainian people have the strongest sense of family and community,” the nonprofit states.

To make a donation or learn how you can support Restore Ukraine, please visit the organization’s website or the button below. 


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