Humanitarian Social Innovations is pleased to be the home for a this new organization. We welcome The Hahn Logging Foundation.

Hahn Logging Foundation is a Pennsylvania-based organization that provides financial assistance to families who have lost their breadwinner or have had their breadwinner become disabled due to an accident from a logging industry job. It was founded by Patsy Hahn.

Reaching Out to Logging Families
Hahn Memorial Foundation Garth Logger

Patsy’s husband, Garth, on the job.

The Hahn Logging Foundation will assist spouses and families of loggers who have died or have been disabled on the job by meeting their immediate needs following the accident. These needs may include food, mortgage or rent payments, utilities, and childcare. The loss of a spouse is devastating, and the loss of an income can make the situation worse. HLF will budget the assistance based on the needs of the families.

Currently, the organization plans to examine each family’s needs on a case-by-case basis. The board and Patsy will review the immediate concerns of each family. Then they will decide on the best course of action to meet those needs.

A Tragic Incident

Patsy’s husband, Garth, died in a tragic logging accident. Thankfully, she was able to take care of her basic needs. Unfortunately, a friend of hers, who also lost her husband in a logging accident, and could not recover financially. These events helped inspire Patsy to help other families. She learned that New York has organizations that help financially vulnerable logging families, and she yearned to make sure Pennsylvania had one, too.

Hahn Memorial Foundation Logging Site

One of the logging sites at which Patsy’s husband, Garth, worked.

As a new organization, at the moment, Patsy is concerned with helping other logging families in need. “If we can help another person, we have made the world a better place.” Patsy said. “We want to be sure that no PA
logging family in this situation has to struggle for their basic needs.”

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