Upcycled Business Cards

IMG_3975These business cards are unique! If you are an entrepreneur who has faced a networking event hoping you and your new venture will be noticed in the sea of networkers, you may want to give this a try. Or perhaps like HSI, your business uses sustainable processes wherever possible.  Either way, these upcycled business cards get the job done.


Whether these cards are upcycled or recycled is a discussion for another post.  For now, we will use the “u” word.

Yesterday’s Discards, Today’s Cards

These cards are printed on the inside of discarded record album covers. Each album cover provides stock for about two dozen professional-weight business cards. Like snowflakes, there are no two exactly alike. At networking events they can allow the bearer to connect with others quickly.  You may find that people will come across a room to ask for your card.

IMG_3976The best part is that the back of the card becomes a conversation starter. You do have to use some discretion in professional settings. (This card is better saved for a friend.) Once you connect with a person in casual conversation, it is easy to transition the conversation to the great idea coming to fruition in your new enterprise.

Caution-Printer Nerdspeak Ahead

The printing process itself was fairly simple.  We converted our logo and important contact information to a one-sided design using a single color.  I think black works well and gives a nice contrast to the natural color of the inside of the album sleeve.  Finding a printer who would tackle the job took a few days.  The printing process, letterpress, is no longer used by most commercial printers.  Specialty shops and printing aficionados are your best bet.  These cards were printed by Robin Cook at Artisan Letterpress.  (trceoj@gmail.com) Robin developed a die on recyclable plastic and cut the album sleeves into a size that could be used as a printing medium. If you live anywhere near the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, I highly recommend his craftsmanship!

Give upcycled cards a try, and let us know how it works!