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Great Overcomers Community Based Organization Breaks Cycles of Poverty and Inequality in Kenya

July 11, 2024 |

Great Overcomers Community Based Organization (GOCBO) is on a mission to break cycles of poverty and inequality and create positive change within the Kenya-based community it serves—and for founder Chrise Ehizonomen, it all began with a divine calling. After a medical mission in Uganda, Ehizonomen traveled to the town of…

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Chosen Generation Africa Empowers Vulnerable Youth

July 3, 2024 |

Chosen Generation Africa’s mission statement is “to empower and uplift vulnerable children and youth, fostering social development, physical well-being, and spiritual nourishment. Through comprehensive support, community engagement, and collaborative efforts, we aspire to create a positive impact on their lives, cultivate resilience, and enable them to make meaningful contributions to…

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Keystone Internet Coalition Champions Digital Equity for Pennsylvanians

June 24, 2024 |

In a post-pandemic American society, reliable internet connectivity is no longer just a luxury—it has become a necessity. With everything from work, to education, to doctor appointments now taking place online, widespread access to the web is essential. However, hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania residents still lack reliable and affordable…

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ABRO Empowers At-Risk Youth Through Creative Arts

June 20, 2024 |

ABRO (Always Be Real Original), based in Southwest Philadelphia, offers creative outlets and community service initiatives to at-risk youth. Their mission is “to engage at-risk youth through the arts for positive youth development and expose them to skills training for the 21st-century creative economy.” Founder Anthony Brown discovered how many…

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Lehigh Valley Landmarks Trust: Preserving the Past to Build a Better Future

May 11, 2024 |

The past lives alongside the present in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. With a rich history dating back hundreds of years, the region is home to a number of culturally-significant landmarks, including historic buildings, farms, parks and more. Over the years, some of these pieces of history have fallen into neglect and…

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Breaking Barriers: SOMA Foundation Rwanda Transforms Lives Through Education

April 9, 2024 |

The country of Rwanda experienced a devastating tragedy with the 1994 genocide of the Tutsi people. In the aftermath, tens of thousands of children were orphaned. Not only did these children lose their families, but there were many barriers they had to overcome, including the disruption of their education and…

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Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Impact of Hayat TeleHealth in Somalia

March 22, 2024 |

Hayat TeleHealth is pioneering a transformative approach to healthcare in Somalia, driven by a vision where quality medical services are a fundamental right for all Somalis. With a focus on innovation and efficacy, their mission extends beyond telehealth services to eradicating health disparities and achieving universal health coverage in Somalia.…

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Youth Creating New Beginnings Aims To Empower Philadelphia Youth

February 20, 2024 |

In the heart of Philadelphia, a non-profit organization is making significant strides in empowering the city’s youth to forge their own paths toward success. With a high school dropout rate of approximately 14% in Philadelphia and only 10% of students earning a college degree, there is an urgency to create…

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More Than A Game: KNT Basketball Squares Up Against Suicide

February 14, 2024 |

Since 2021, a basketball tournament has taken place in the Lehigh Valley that represents meaning and hope for those who have been affected by suicide: The KNT Basketball Tournament. Named in honor of Kobee Nyro Texter, who took his own life at age 24 after battling with mental health, the…

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Fluency Forward Foundation: Advancing Language Fluency & Cultural Exchange

December 21, 2023 |

As a young immigrant from India, Caroline Praveen struggled in school and social interactions because she spoke with an Indian accent and did not always express her thoughts for fear of ridicule and not being taken seriously. It wasn’t until she met an adult Indian woman with an American accent…

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