Corey & Kimberly’s Ride Continues: A Community Group Supporting Those Affected By Addiction and Advocating for Change

Corey & Kimberly’s Ride Continues is a community group that has united to raise awareness about addiction, fight the stigma around this disease and support those who are or have been affected by it. The organization was founded by Chuck and Susan Deprill, who tragically lost their son Corey in 2011. In tribute to both Corey and Kimberly, the late granddaughter of committee member Rose Mott, Corey & Kimberly’s Ride Continues is dedicated to, “providing education and relaying hope to those that need it.”

“As a community, we can make changes that are necessary to combat the epidemic that surrounds us with all substances. We are seeking to help break through the barriers of shame and stigma, and provide support and compassion to those who suffer,” states the group. “We are here to support the families and educate the public. Together, we can make a difference.”

Corey & Kimberly’s Ride Continues has held an annual motorcycle fundraising event since 2017. Proceeds from donations and event sponsorships go toward non-profit organizations in the community that are supporting those in need and driving positive change in the area of substance abuse and recovery. In the past, donations have gone to REACH LV Youth Recovery Center, The Center for Humanistic Change and Voices For Change—all local groups that provide addiction education, support and/or recovery services.

Now in its seventh year, the 2023 event is set to take place on Saturday, October 7 at Alburtis Fire Company Social Hall in Alburtis, PA. As in previous years, the money raised at the event will go to other nonprofit organizations that are working to bring about positive change in alignment with the goals of Corey & Kimberly’s Ride Continues. 

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