CupCats Cafe Rescues Cats and Serves Up Delicious Treats

Humanitarian Social Innovations is excited to welcome CupCats Cafe to our network of social entrepreneurs.

From Tokyo to Paris to New York City, cat cafes are beloved for giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy delicious treats in the company of adorable furry friends. Soon, the Lehigh Valley will boast one of its own: CupCats Cafe, founded by avid baker and cat lover Breanna Cropley.

Cropley always knew that she loved cats, art and baking, but she didn’t realize she could combine all three until she discovered cat cafes during a trip to the West Coast. There, she got the idea to channel her passion into a nonprofit business that could simultaneously help find homes for cats and spread joy to people.

“I instantly fell in love with the idea of cat cafes, and I wanted to bring one to the Lehigh Valley,” she said. “The positive impact it could have on our community — combining cat rescue, baking and art — could turn into something awesome.”

Cropley plans to partner with a shelter to take in some of the many cats that are surrendered. She said the cafe will host about 12 adoptable cats at a time, giving them a place to live comfortably and learn to socialize before finding their forever homes.

At CupCats Cafe, guests can expect a whimsical ambiance and a selection of vegan and non-vegan treats including cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, shakes, coffee and more. After picking up an order, visitors can head to the cat lounge — separated from the cafe by a hallway and different ventilation systems, for sanitation reasons — and enjoy a snack in the company of kitties. 

What To Expect

Cropley hopes that her cafe will bring together rescue cats and people who want to open their homes to a new furry friend. However, those who aren’t ready to adopt can still make a big difference by stopping at the cafe.

“Even if you are not adopting, visiting still helps socialize these cats, who need to be shown that they are on their way to a better life,” Cropley said. ”And if you are allergic to cats but want to support the cause, you can still enjoy your treats in the cafe.”

CupCats will also offer events like cat yoga, movie nights, and a variety of rescue- and art-related workshops.

“By hosting educational workshops and leading by example, we will reduce the number of homeless cats in our community,” Cropley said.

Laying the Groundwork

Cropley is currently in the fundraising stage of building her cafe, and has partnered with local businesses to host events including “Cocktails for Kitties” at Molinari’s in Bethlehem, a fundraiser at Böser Geist Brewing Company in Easton, and “Tats for Cats” at Raygun Samurai Tattoo in Bethlehem.

“I think one of our proudest moments was our Tats for Cats fundraiser at Raygun Samurai Tattoo on the South Side. The event started at 11 a.m. with a line out the door, and they did not stop tattooing until almost 11 p.m.,” Cropley said. “I’m grateful they did that for CupCats, and I’m so overwhelmed by the number of people who got cat tattoos for the sake of animal rescue.”

Cropley said that fundraising has been challenging, but she is determined to succeed and help the cats — and people — in the Lehigh Valley.

“I have a gift, so why not share it and use it for something bigger?” Cropley said. “We get more done when we share and help each other out. And who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning to save cats and make delicious treats!”

Humanitarian Social Innovations is proud to have CupCats Cafe join our community of social change, and we look forward to helping it grow its impact in the Lehigh Valley.

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