Hope And Coffee Coatesville Will Provide Resources & Community To Those In Recovery

Coatsville, Pennsylvania currently doesn’t have any coffee shops, and most of the places to hang out in the evenings are bars or serve alcohol. For those in recovery and those who want a family-friendly atmosphere, there really aren’t many locations in the city that fit the bill. Vicki Marsh wants to change both of those things.

In August 2022 Marsh had a vision of a coffeehouse community for networking that would also host classes and help those struggling with many kinds of recovery. “I was unsure of how to implement this plan and waited for the right connections to move forward,” said Marsh. “In April of this year I happened to connect with Brooke Mitman-Rivera who assisted with the Hope and Coffee Tamaqua recovery coffee house. She and the founder have a dream to see this model replicated across the country to serve those in recovery.”

Hope and Coffee Coatesville has two main goals. The first is to provide a safe space for the community to gather where those visiting can be certain there will be no drugs or alcohol. The second is to celebrate and normalize recovery and be a resource for those looking to start their recovery journey or even take their next step. This will also be made possible by hiring those in recovery and connecting other local businesses with people in recovery who need a job.

“Those who are in recovery are often not able to gain employment,” says Marsh. “We will have a unique ability to offer employment at a base rate to give them a work history and to better their chances at future employment opportunities. Those in the community will become more aware of the beauty and talents of those who are in recovery.”

Hope and Coffee has plans to not only serve high-quality, local selections of pastries, meals, and drinks, but also provide live, family-friendly entertainment on weekends and some weeknights; showcase and sell local art; host classes, meetings, and workshops; and provide it all with excellence, acceptance, and positivity.

Right now, their biggest challenges are finding the perfect location in Coatesville for the coffeehouse and securing the finances to make their dream a reality.

“Knowing our city is in desperate need of ways to facilitate recovery and wholeness for those who struggle with recovery in many forms gives me an earnest desire to seek to make this vision a reality in Coatesville,” says Marsh. “I am overwhelmed with the number of people who have contacted me wanting to be involved or help out in some way already.”