New Program: Overcoming Odds


-Oleg Lougheed, founder and Executive Director

We are pleased to introduce Overcoming Odds, a new organization that has joined the Humanitarian Social Innovations family this week!

Overcoming Odds is a nonprofit organization that is creating a software program and website that will help ease the integration of adopted children into their new families. The program will combine educational resources with a social media platform to help connect families around the world to a support system. Another goal of Overcoming Odds is to raise awareness for issues within the adoption system by providing a space for adoptees to share their stories.

“Children who are adopted have no choice but to change,” Oleg wrote. One of his concerns is that the cultural shift internationally adopted children experience often leads to disconnection with their identities as adults, sometimes resulting in mental illness and substance abuse problems. Mr. Lougheed hopes to limit the effects of the disconnection by creating this software platform, which will feature cultural and language learning resources to bridge the cultural gap between adoptive parents and their new children, creating healthier and more stable families for life.

Oleg Lougheed is a young Russian man whose life journey led him through the streets, an orphanage, and an international adoption. You can hear him tell his compelling story in this video.

Please also consider a donation to Overcoming Odds to assist in the development of this important work.

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