Which Types of Projects Does HSI Sponsor?

Humanitarianism is moral kindness and benevolence extended to all humans. The power of human empathy leads to action, social prosperity and the betterment of human life. Unlike any other creature on Earth, humans learn and understand without having to experience. This characteristic allows us to comprehend the hardships people feel, not only around the world, but also in our backyards. At HSI, all projects do their part and collaborate when possible to improve the quality of life for some sector of humanity. These are our partners:


Bringing Up a BookwormBring up a Bookworm

Bringing Up a Bookworm provides children with foundational reading skills by encouraging parents to read aloud to them from the day they are born. Through her experiences as a fourth grade teacher and reading specialist, entrepreneur Marsha Townsend, saw the struggles students had with reading comprehension, confidence and general literary skills. Debating these educational challenges, Marsha was introduced to Mem Fox’s book, Reading Magic:  Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever, and Bringing Up a Bookworm was born.

The vision of the program is to provide a copy of Mem Fox’s book to educate parents on the importance and potential impact reading aloud can have on their children, especially infancy to toddlerhood. Reading aloud has been proven to increase a child’s reading proficiency, self-esteem and to encourage children to take risks within their learning.

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Bringing Up a Bookworm


Writing Wrongswritingwrongslogo

At Writing Wrongs, journalists look to make a humanitarian impact with their words and stories. Originally inspired by ‘Will Write For Food 2013’ campaign, Dawn Heinbach developed Writing Wrongs through her Honors Project at Kutztown University in 2015. Now the program has bloomed, and Writing Wrongs will be hosting their second event this upcoming September.

Essentially, the group meets one weekend to collaborate and put their writings together to create an informative publication. This year’s topic is addiction. The entire weekend is dedicated to writing, editing and creating an open discussion on the deemed topic. After they’re finished, they publish their work and educate the public.

For more information about Writing Wrongs, you can visit their website at:



Solar for AcademicsSFA

Solar for Academics not only tackles humanitarian outreach, but it also saves the environment at the same time! Solar for Academics improves the quality of education and opportunity in impoverished communities by implementing solar energy in schools.

Founders Paul Hodges and Michael Planer teamed up to provide solar power to schools in places where electricity is sparse, in order to enable the school to offer an uninterrupted education. The company trains the recipients on how to install the panels, and even gives them the tools to sustain their use. Solar for Academics connects, educates and sustains humanitarianism through creative and progressive innovation.

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Citizen Media CenterCMC Logo Square

The mission at the Citizen Media Center: to train and support emerging social justice and democracy-seeking advocates in the field of citizen media. The Media Center allows the audience to become the journalist, testifying to news concerning daily life.  However, with the rise of new journalistic tools such as social media, Citizen Media Center, gives its participants the guidance they need to master these tools. Additionally, The Center also gives access to education, training, forums, and workshops on how to use these tools effectively. 

2016 promises to be a busy, but opportune year for the Kutztown-based writers. The Center intends to occupy a newly-secured headquarters, crafted an active, collaborative website, began hands-on writing workshops, and is providing fellowship grants to cover the impending presidential election.

The realm of providing information and reporting is continually revamping, as our society progresses. Citizen Media Center sets out to impact the media world by nurturing the next generation of democratic journalism.

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Players of the StagePlaysofStage

Free shows, blooming, young actors, and a vision based around community materialize Players of the Stage. The non-profit, Christian-based organization promotes the progression of individuals through theatre, the advancement of art, and the work of social justice in the Lehigh Valley. Established in Allentown, the theatre has been putting on shows since 2000, starting with a music recital for a Christmas banquet. Since, Players of the Stage has put on shows such as A Christmas Carol, Pygmalion, and Pride and Prejudice.   

As of 2005, Players of the Stage hosts benefit shows, donating all proceeds collected at the shows to charities such as Care Net, American Ministries to the Deaf, and to the Allentown Rescue Mission. All in all, the theatre company has raised nearly $150,000 in their past eight seasons. Every penny goes to the organizations mentioned above.

Players of the stage continues to expand their purpose as they’re looking to add theatre classes, productions, and eventually occupy a building housing an art gallery and a lounge café to connect all parties together.

For more information about Players of the Stage check out their website at:



Rugged Medical TransportRMT-logo

Humanitarianism does have a global dynamic to it. At Rugged Medical Transport, the organization provides light, easy-to-operate gyrocopters and deploys them as emergency medical transportation vehicles in countries with poor road infrastructure. Inspired by his experience in Tanzania, founder Patrick Wensel, developed a more plausible solution to places that can’t afford the high costs of emergencies.

Rugged Medical Transport bases themselves in Tanzania, and countries like it, where they educate the people on designing and manning the manufacturing facilities. Once invested in, Rugged Medical Transport provides communities with a plausible way to improve the health care access for their citizens. RMT’s gyrocopters are capable of overcoming the harsh, African terrain, while still maintaining safety for the patients on board.

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