Writing Wrongs: Troy Harris’s Story

Photo f Kristen Cervenak

Kristen Cervenak

Writing Wrongs is a journalistic magazine that features stories about social issues written by students. Last year’s issue, “Addiction: Stories of Hope”, contains interviews with residents at Easy Does It (EDI), an addiction recovery facility in Leesport, PA. The following is the summary of a piece that was originally produced for the magazine by Kristen Cervenak of Northampton Community College.

Troy Harris grew up surrounded by alcoholism and began his own battle with the illness at the tender age of 14. In the 31 years since then, he has witnessed more than his share of shock and sorrow– but through EDI he has been following a brighter path. Troy is a great chef and has dreams of entering the restaurant business. He also hopes to find a way of preventing youth on the streets from discovering drugs.

To read Troy’s advice about addiction, check out the full article.

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Banner Photo: Portrait of Troy Harris by Katelyn Bennett

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